Cryogenic chamber Arctic Fox

For the unbroken storage and transport of the corona vaccine at low temperatures. With the unique low-temperature box system for logisticians, vaccination centres, pharmacies or doctors, distributing vaccines is no problem for any manufacturer. Discover now the advantages of our arctic fox and ask your “lifesaver”!


The compact cryogenic chamber meets the latest standards for low-temperature
storage and the low-temperature approval shows.
The low-temperature chamber of the Arctic Fox series is space-saving and has a particular temperature-efficient design. The Arctic Fox can be dually used:

  • As a stand-alone cryogenic unit
  • The cooling box has a releasable design for saving transport

The cryogenic chamber consists of:

  • Unique docking system for an unbroken cold chain
  • Robust and insulated housing in matt black
  • Electromagnetic locks on the docking station and the lid
  • Smart stainless steel shelves with a click system
  • Door dampers and locking detectors
  • Recessed handles
  • User-friendly software for innovative data control
  • Rubberized rollers
  • Glove storage
  • Dry ice pockets for longer transport

Why is our Arctic Fox clever and sustainable? The unique docking system of refrigeration technology:

The Arctic Fox special refrigerator is a divisible change system. It consists of a transport chest and a docking tower (refrigeration unit, software, storage device). The manufacturer packs the vaccination doses directly in the box. The innovative cooling system creates a seamless cold chain so that the delivery time of min. 24h to vaccination centres, pharmacies or doctors is easy. The terminal presses the chest onto the docking tower and thus activates the stationary cooling through the cooling unit. The docking tower automatically reads the box-specific data into the software and thus recognizes the chest.
The supplier takes an empty arctic fox box back with him for refilling.
This process saves packaging materials and costs, promote an environmentally friendly cycle and ensure a seamless cold chain.

Inquire our laboratory freezer now and secure the vaccine distribution!


  • Dimensions of the low-temperature chamber insert: 600x420x430 mm
  • Weight low temperature chamber approx .: 15 kg
  • Temperature range: -40… -90 ° C
  • Cooling capacity: -80 ° C in max. 3h

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Dimensions approx.

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Cryogenic chamber Arctic Fox