Ductilometer 1500 mm

for the determination of elastic reset of bitumen. Stainless steel casing with isolated water bath and stepper motor providing a variable speed range 1 to 50 mm/min. with digital displacement measuring system. Up to 4 samples can be tested simultaneously. …..

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EN 13398 – ASTM D113 – ASTM D 6084-04 – AASHTO T 51

For the determination of ductility of bitumen.

Stainless steel housing with an insulated water bath and stepper motor-driven pulling device with a constant feed speed and digital displacement measuring device.

  • Simultaneous testing of up to four samples
  • Complete with an integrated operating unit on the left side of the unit

Thermometers are installed in the water bath to check the bath temperature. The bath temperature can be controlled either via a temperature control device with an immersion thermostat (20-2370), if necessary with an additional cooler (20-2375) or an external cooling thermostat.

(Without moulds, bath temperature control unit and without hinged lid for the bath)

Technical specifications:

  • Feed rate: 1 up to 50 mm/min

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