After six months of testing since January 2017, the company’s local office in Brackenheim is now able to calibrate Zorn falling weight deflectometers intended for dynamic testing.

Both companies, Zorn Instruments and infraTest Prüftechnik, who are manufacturers of testing equipment, are tied together by more than two decades of cooperation. Now the technologies that have become routine in Stendal are making part of the everyday services offered by infraTest Prüftechnik. Before 2016, falling weight deflectometers had to be sent for calibration to Stendal (across quite a distance of ca. 600 km), but now calibration can be made also in Brackenheim (South Germany). The state-of-the-art calibration bench and two specially trained technicians will help you with calibration and installation and provide services for all types of ZfG units manufactured by Zorn Instruments.

“Proximity to client, promptness and high quality have always been important arguments for both test equipment manufacturers to meet the highest client requirements in the dynamically evolving competitive environment. Therefore, we are happy that, thanks to the cooperation with infraTest Prüftechnik GmbH, now we can offer the calibration service conveniently located for the clients from Rheinland-Pfalz and Baden-Württemberg”, explains Bernd Zorn, Managing Director of Zorn Instruments. “We pursue the same aims in development and sale of testing equipment”, says Matthias Martus, rejoicing at the cooperation.

Your orders for calibration and service are gladly welcome!!!!

Kalibrierstand für dynamische Plattendruckgeräte

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