Manual CBR Test Machine 50 kN

table-top model with vertically adjustable traverse and compression plate. The drive is manual operated by crankshaft drive. The compression plate are equipped with quick action system for height adjustment. The load measuring system with pressure …..

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EN 13286/47 – ASTM D 1883 – AASHTO T 193 – BS 1377-4

For test procedures to determine the CBR value (California bearing ratio), the direct bearing index (IBI) and the linear threshold value.

Two-column table model with height-adjustable crosshead and pressure plate below. It is driven by a screw jack with a hand crank. Besides, the pressure plate is equipped with a quick adjustment device for height adjustment. Complete with force measuring device and manometer with maximum value indicator, measuring accuracy grade 3 ISO 7500/1 as well as CBR test stamp and precision dial indicator 30 mm, Gen. 0.01 mm with holder.

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