Turnier der Meister : infraTest at the gymnastics gala in Cottbus


InfraTest at the gymnastics gala in Cottbus!

The ” Turnier der Meister” took place in Cottbus from 23 to 26 February: A high-calibre gymnastics gala.
Over the three days of the event, there was a multitude of top athletic performances to admire on the various apparatus and on the floor.
Gymnasts from over 80 nations demonstrated their outstanding skills in front of a large audience.
When Mr Eberhardt Gienger, former member of the German Bundestag, asked us for support for this event, we didn’t hesitate for long.


What does a gymnastics gala ” Turnier der Meister” have to do with InfraTest?

In a time of “marginalisation”, it is always nice to see how sport unites. But not only sport connects. As a manufacturer of testing equipment for road construction, we also help to bring people closer together across borders on a daily basis.
We also try to do our best every day, but we also have to train every day to achieve this. And sometimes, as with gymnastics, we don’t do it so well, but this is always an incentive to do a little better every day.
In addition, we are present in all participating countries with testing equipment for the infrastructure. This makes us particularly proud and represents a further connection.
We are already looking forward to the Gala 2025 and wish all athletes successful competitions until then.

Cottbus 2024
Cottbus 2024