Goodbye & Hello – The new Asphalt Analyzer YOU

We care about YOU!

You & Your Asphalt Analyzer for roads with

Safe, health and environmentally friendly extractions have always been our goal. We are closing the last gap in the open handling of solvents now and are giving insights into recovery for the first time.
We say goodbye to the previous Asphalt Analyzer generation and welcome our new Analyzer YOU series!


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The reuse of asphalt is mandatory and absolutely necessary! Only with sustainable awareness and an optimized use of resources we can protect our planet and our families in the long term. The new generation YOU allows you to safely extract unknown asphalt.

5 Facts you should know about our new Asphalt Analyzer

  1. Two observation windows in destination cover allow a visual recovery process

  2. Temperature limiters above destination cover

  3. Additional inlet sieve in the destillation unit for light asphalt components

  4. Corrugated cooler with enlarged surface

  5. Direct connection to the rotary evaporator

Ausbauasphalt und Recycling Asphalt
Jetzt bequem die Temperaturbegrenzer bedienen.

Request the Asphalt Analyzer YOU with or without Touch Screen now
and secure your extraction partner for the next step into a clean future!